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Navigating to Tax Freedom 

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Offshore Affairs is a multilingual and multijurisdictional offshore law firm providing offshore legal services, including but not limited to, Offshore Company Formation, Offshore Bank Account Opening and Assistance, Trust Set Up, Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Citizenship by Investment Programs, Corporate Law Practice, Real Estate Law, International Tax Planning, Investment Funds, etc.


Offshore Company Formation

Before picking your formation jurisdiction, there are several crucial factors that necessitate careful consideration. These factors include the taxation regulations applicable to the specific type of entity, annual compliance requirements, availability of tax treaties, personal tax residency status, rules pertaining to Controlled Foreign Companies (CFC), Transfer Pricing guidelines, obligations related to Economic Substance, agreements concerning Information Sharing, restrictions on capital movement, provisions for establishing a Permanent Establishment, Withholding Tax obligations, Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Value Added Tax (VAT), International Tax Planning considerations, adherence to Common Reporting Standards, compliance with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), and various other pertinent aspects.

Most Popular Jurisdictions

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British Virgin Islands



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International Tax Counseling


International tax planning is a set of legal strategies with the purpose to optimize tax efficiency and miniminze tax liability. This is achived through varius methods, including, but not limited to, Tax Residency, Base Erosion and Profit Shifting, Transfer Pricing, Tax Treaties, Offshore Companies, Intellectual Property, Holding Companies, and much more.


Nonetheless, International Tax Planning necessitates a thorough understanding of numerous variables to ensure the effectiveness of a proposed or intended strategy, while minimizing tax liabilities or avoiding taxation altogether. Even a minor oversight in considering a single concept could jeopardize the success of your plan.

Our comprehensive international tax counseling service provides expert guidance on a wide range of matters related to international taxation. 

Offshore Bank Accounts

Offshore Bank

We leverage our extensive expertise and established network of banking institutions worldwide to provide you with unparalleled support in managing your offshore banking requirements. By drawing upon our years of experience, we ensure a seamless process for opening offshore bank accounts tailored to your unique needs. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses not only offshore account opening but also expert legal counsel on a variety of banking-related matters, enabling us to address your specific concerns and provide valuable guidance. With our assistance, you can navigate the intricacies of international banking confidently and make informed decisions.

  • Banking Relationships

  • Offshore Bank Account Opening.

  • Privacy.

  • Minimum Initial Deposits.

  • Debit Cards.


Asset Protection

Holding your assets under offshore companies, offshore trusts, or any other type of offshore legal vehicle will grant you an extra layer of protection, putting these assets outside of your creditors' reach, lawsuits, bankruptcy, etc.

Any asset can be held under these companies, and they can be:

  • Real Estate or any other immovable property.

  • Cars, yachts, planes, helicopter, or any other type of vehicles.

  • Financial products.

  • Cryptocurrency.

  • Business ownership.

  • Gold or any other precious metal.


Gold, Precious Metals and Stones


Buying Gold has always been considered a safe haven against inflation, in addition to tax benefits. We offer our clients:

  • Offshore Company strategies and setup for buying and storing gold in prestigious exchanges.

  • Gold, and precious metals and stones tax counseling.

  • Account set up at the most renowned Exchanges.

  • Trading licensed (if required the Exchange)

Books For Sale

Check our Bookshelf to find out more about our book titles.

Our titles cover from offshore companies, international taxation, offshore bank accounts, tax havens, to companies' accounting books like reportable transactions journals, ledger books, and more.


Domestic and International delivery via Amazon.


Books format are Paperback, Hardcover, and Kindle version.

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Meet the Founder & CEO

Jean Franco Fernandez Clark is a Corporate & International Tax Lawyer specializing in Offshore Company Formation, International Tax Planning, Investment Funds, Crypto Law, Banking Law, Asset Protection, and Trust Law. He is the Founder & CEO of Offshore Affairs.

Founder speaks English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, and Mandarin.

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Founder & CEO

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