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Offshore Affairs is a multilingual and multijurisdictional offshore law firm providing offshore legal services, including but not limited to, Offshore Company Formation, Offshore Bank Account Opening and Assistance, Trust Set Up, Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Citizenship by Investment Programs, Corporate Law Practice, Real Estate Law, International Tax Planning, Investment Funds, etc.

Offshore Company Formation

When opening an offshore company, you can't just contact a lawyer or corporate service provider in a random tax-friendly jurisdiction and ask them to open your tax-free company. There are dozens of tax havens, but not all of them are for everyone and for all type of businesses.

There are several factors to take into consideration before picking a jurisdiction, such as entity taxation, yearly compliance requirements, tax treaties available, your tax residency, CFC Rules, Transfer Pricing, Economic Substance Requirements, Information Sharing Agreements, Capital Controls, Permanent Establishment dispositions, Withholding Tax, GST or VAT, International Tax Planning, Common Reporting Standards, FATCA, among other things.


Most Popular Services



International tax counseling on tax matters, company formation, bank accounts, international tax counseling, etc.

Wyoming LLC Formation

Wyoming LLC

One of the most sought after company types. Great for any type of business, with full access to the financial system.

Singapore Limited Private Company

Singapore PTD LTD

Full access to the financial system, crypto friendly, no tax, or low tax with access to a very broad range of tax treaties.


Offshore Bank Accounts

We take care and make the offshore bank account opening process easy. We offer offshore bank account opening in most financial centers. We assess your situation and recommend a suitable bank based on your specific needs. 

  • Banking Relationships

  • Offshore Bank Account Opening.

  • Privacy.

  • CRS & Fatca

  • Minimum Initial Deposits.

  • Debit Cards.


Asset Protection

Holding your assets under offshore companies, offshore trusts, or any other type of offshore legal vehicle will grant you an extra layer of protection, putting these assets outside of your creditors' reach, lawsuits, bankruptcy, etc.

Any asset can be held under these companies, and they can be:

  • Real Estate or any other immovable property.

  • Cars, yachts, planes, helicopter, or any other type of vehicles.

  • Financial products.

  • Cryptocurrency.

  • Business ownership.

  • Gold or any other precious metal.

Asset Protection
Asset Protection

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Meet the CEO

Jean Franco Fernández Clark

Jean Franco Fernández Clark

Corporate & International Tax Lawyer
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