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Where to form offshore Company

Offshore Bank Accounts

International Taxation

Where to form an Offshore Company

When opening an offshore company, there are several factors to take into consideration before going ahead and starting the company formation

you have to take into consideration several factors before picking your jurisdiction of incorporation. 

Not all situations are the same, and each client's needs have to be studied on a case by case basis, he Cayman Islands might be better for a Hedge Fund, Jersey might be better for an AIFM, Singapore for a Crypto-Related Business, Wyoming for an e-commerce, Cook Islands for a Trust, and so on.


International Taxation Concepts

  • CFC Rules.

  • Tax Residency

  • CRS.

  • Tax System.

  • Capital Gains.

  • Withholding Tax

  • Tax Treaties.

  • Information Sharing Agreements.

  • Transfer Pricing.

  • Exit Tax.

  • Base Erosion.

Company Formation

  • Formation Cost.

  • Yearly Compliance.

  • Audit Requirements

  • Purpose of the Company.

  • Economic Substance Requirements.

  • Access to Financial Products.

  • Formation Cost.

  • Yearly Compliance.

  • Record keeping.

  • Your Passport.

  • Level of privacy needed.

  • Tax Treaties Available.

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Offshore Bank Accounts

We counsel you on how to open an offshore bank account, and help you find the best banking jurisdiction and institution for your specific needs.

We also fill the forms required by the banks, as sometimes it can take you more than a month to open the account, all because of going back and forth with the bank due to wrongfully filling the required forms or gathering the requested documents

Local and International Tax Planning

We advice you on how to reduce your tax base on withholding tax, business and personal income tax, capital gains, Sales Tax (VAT or GST), Estate Tax, Wealth Tax.

We also create your international tax planning strategy taking into consideration base erosion and profit shifting, transfer pricing, treaty shopping, etc.


How to get started

Contact Us

Contact us through email or via WhatsApp.


Send us relevant information such as your nationality and tax residency, intended use of the offshore entity, ways you intend to take payments from clients, estimated yearly income.

Pay Counseling Fee

After you have contacted us, we will assess your situation, give you a budget, and the green light to make payment. 


We take PayPal, ACH, and/or Wire Transfers to our bank account in the USA, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, UK,  Turkey, Hungary, as per your convenience.

Receive Counseling

Once payment is received, we will deliver the counseling either via call or by written report, as previously agreed on our quote.

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