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Offshore Company for Buying Gold,  Precious Metals and Stones


Gold, diamonds, and other precious metals have always been a hedge against inflation. These precious metals and stones tend to appreciate historically, and per year your wealth can grow at a much higher percent than parking your money in fixed interest securities like bonds. 

Gold, for example, has always been considered the "real money" as its offer is limited and cannot be artificially  increased, while fiat, i.e. paper bills, can be considered as "fake money", where governments, central banks, etcera can increase their offer as they wish. A government or central bank can print as much paper dollars as they want, but they cannot create gold.

Addionally, central banks and governments back up their reserves in Gold.

Nowadays, anyone can buy, trade, and sell gold and other precious metals and stones, regardless of their net worth, nationality, as we provide solutions to those who want to buy a fraction of gold Bullion, to those who bank to buy millions dollars worth of gold bullions.

Our ​solutions are only top-tier solutions, including Trade, Exchanges, Vaults, and Storage, in the most prestigious jurisdictions and exchanges, from Dubai, to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.

We can assist you in your precious metals and exchange needs, from buying, selling, trading, and storing, regardless of your trade size value or volume, we have the perfect and most trustable solution for you.  

In addition, as an offshore law firm, we provide you with offshore companies, trusts, and bank accounts set up to optimize your tax and asset protection situation.

Our Gold, Diamonds, and other precious metals and stones services:

Offshore Company For Precious Metals

Offshore Company Setup

Offshore Company formation for precious metals and stone trading set up in a jurisdictions that fits your needs


Legal and Tax Counseling

International tax and legal counseling on precious metals and stones implications and international tax planning.

Precious Metals Vault.jpg

Trading Account Opening

Opening a trading or storage accounts for your offshore company requires legal paperwork. We take care of it.

Singapore Precious Metals Exchange (SPMX)

Established in 2009, the Singapore Precious Metals Exchange (SGPMX) provides a platform for trading physically backed bullion. The exchange offers trading accounts for both individuals and companies, without the need for a trading license.


Key Features:

  • Established: 2009

  • Tax-Free: 100% tax-free trading

  • Physically Backed: 100% physically backed bullion stored at Le Freeport Singapore

  • Minimum Trade Value: USD 1,000

  • Trading Accounts: Available for individuals and companies

Licenses and Regulatory Approvals:

  • Registered Precious Metals and Stones Dealer: Licensed by the Ministry of Law, Singapore, under the Precious Stones and Precious Metals (Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing) Act.

  • Customs License: The only licensed bullion company by Singapore Customs to operate at the state-of-the-art storage facility at Le Freeport Singapore.


  • Trade under a personal or company name without the need for a trading license

  • Secure storage at the state-of-the-art Le Freeport facility in Singapore


  • All bullion is stored at Le Freeport Singapore, ensuring the highest security and safety standards.

Stacker Market (Singapore)

Stacker Market is a platform that allows you to trade, invest, and transfer precious metals, specifically gold and silver. This solution is designed to enable foreigners to buy and sell physically backed gold online, with minimum trade value of US$1.


Key Features

  • Tax-Free: Not subject to capital gain taxes or sales tax (GST).

  • 100% physically backed at the Singapore Le Freeport.

  • Licensed Dealer: Registered Precious Metals and Stones Dealer with the Ministry of Law, Singapore.

  • Unique Storage Facility: The only licensed bullion company by Singapore Customs to operate at the state-of-the-art storage facility at Le Freeport Singapore.

  • Fractional Trading: Allows trade of precious metals in fractions, with a trade minimum of one United States Dollar (US$1).

Exchange Details:

  • Created By: Singapore Precious Metals Exchange.

  • Trading Capability: Individuals and companies can buy and sell gold with a minimum value of US$1 (plus applicable transaction fees).

  • Funding Options: Funding can be done via bank transfer or credit/debit card.

  • Withdrawal Options: Earnings/funds can be withdrawn using bank transfer.

Physical Redemption:

Gold can be physically redeemed (withdrawn/claimed) in the following specified quantities:

  • 1g (0.0321507 ozt)

  • 5g (0.1607537 ozt)

  • 1 oz (1.0000000 ozt)

  • 50g (1.6075373 ozt)

  • 100g (3.2150747 ozt)

  • 1 kg (32.1507466 ozt)

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