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Offshore Affairs provides Offshore Company Formation and Visas in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

We are IFZA Authorized Partners, and our services include:

  • Bank Accounts for Dubai Companies

  • Free Zone Companies in Dubai EAU

  • Visa Application Process for Dubai

  • Stripe Account for Dubai Company

Why form an Offshore Company in Dubai?

Dubai is a City and Emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

  • Dubai does not have Personal Income Tax, hence, no tax registry number exist for individuals.

  • Companies formed in Free Zones are tax exempt on its foreign or offshore income.

  • Well known for its prosperous economy. 

  • Open to foreigners: Between 80%-90% of the population in Dubai are foreigners/expatries


What are Free Zone in Dubai?

Free Zones or Free-trade Zones in Dubai (UAE) are special economic areas, or financial centres, where different laws and regulations apply than those in "mainland Dubai", and to "onshore companies"

Dubai has a Mixed Legal System comprised of Civil and Sharia Law, and in some cases Common Law is practiced, which is the case for DIFC Courts.

Why form a Company in IFZA?

Tax free entity. Freezone companies (FZCO) formed in IFZA are tax exempt: 

  • No Income or Coporte Tax

  • No custom duty tax.

No Capital Controls: total repatriation of Capital and Profits.

100% Foreign Ownership, and there is no shareholder(s) nationality restrictions: just a very few exceptions.

No mandatory office space required: even though you can get and office space at IFZA, these are not mandatory and this kind of set up is cost-efficient, unlike in other free zones where an office space is required to set up the offshore company, and get the business license.

License granted: license is granted for almost any type of business activity.

Can Operate Offshore and Onshore.

No Paid-Up capital requirements.


Owning an IFZA Offshore Company allows you to get a Residency Visa and relocate to Dubai, and enjoy a no personal income tax situation

IFZA FZCO Formation Requirements

Name: Must ends with suffix FZCO. Example: Offshore Affairs FZCO


Minimum Capital: AED 10,000 (about US$2,755).

How much does an offshore company in Dubai cost?

The price (License) for a Free Zone company in IFZA, Dubai, will depend on the number of visas to be issued under this FZCO and for how many years you are paying the License

1 year License Packages

License price does not include visa price.

Zero Visa License: 13,900 AED (US$3,784)
1 Visa License: 17,900 AED (US$4,874)
2 Visa License: 21,900 AED (US$5,963)
3 Visa License: 23,900 (US$6,507)
4 Visa License: 25,900 (US$7,052)
5 Visa License: 27,900 (US$6,597)
6 Visa License: 29,900 (US$8,141)