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Offshore Company Formation in Seychelles

Open an IBC in Seychelles

Offshore Bank Account in Seychelles

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Nominee Shareholder for Seychelles Company

IBC for just US$988

We at Offshore Affairs provide offshore companies formation in the Seychelles as an IBC formed in this jurisdictions can be very helpful for international tax planning, asset protection, conducting business, or as part of a multinational strategy. 


Opening an offshore company in Seychelles can be of great benefit for those looking to open a non expensive and cost efficient private entity. Seychelles offers a 0 tax benefit. Only one shareholder and director is required, who don't need to be a resident of Seychelles.

Executive Summary

Location: Africa.

Official Language: English.


Regulation: International Business Companies Act, 2016


Company type: International Business Company (IBC).

Time to open company: after all the documents are completed, and payment has been duly recieved, a company in Seychelles can be opened between 1-2 days.



Tax Exemption: Seychelles has a territorial tax system, which means that only income generated in Seychelles will be subject to taxation. Hence, a Seychelles IBC that does not do business in Seychelles, will not be subject to Income or Corporate Tax, nor Stamp Duty.

Having bank accounts in Seychelles and remitting income to Bank Account(s) in Seychelles is not considered as doing business in Seychelles.

Mandatory audit: No Audit required.

Yearly Compliance and Privacy


Privacy: Names of the shareholders, directors, officials, beneficial owners, are not public record, as this information is not submitted to the registrar when opening the IBC.


Public Information: Memorandum & Articles of Association, which excludes information of who owns the company.


Register of Directors: The names of the directors are reported to the Register, but this information is not accessible to third parties.


Financial Reports: No obligation to submit a financial report for public record if the company does not trade in Seychelles.

Are Nominee Shareholder and Director services legal in Seychelles: Yes

Corporate Governance


Shareholder: 1 shareholder minimum, can be of any nationality and does not need to be a resident. Can be a corporate or individual shareholder.

Director: 1 director. Individual and/or corporate director(s) allowed. Can be a non-resident of Seychelles.


Annual Meeting: mandatory annual meeting NOT required. Meetings can be held by any means, be it via electronic means, calls, personal meetings, etc.


Reopening a dissolved company: A company that has been dissolved can be restored by request to the court within 5 years of dissolution.


Time to Strike Off Company: 90 days



Uses of a Seychelles Offshore Company

A company in Seychelles can be used for several legal purposes:

  • Conducting business / trading.

  • Counseling or Professional Services.

  • Asset Protection.

  • Holding Company.

  • Acting as a corporate shareholder or director of another entity.

  • International Tax Planning.

Our Services

Basic Formation


  • IBC Formation and primary documents.

  • Government Fee.

  • Registered Agent and Address by a local licensed CSP.

  • Full assistance in filling formation and due diligence form



  • All in Basic Package, plus:

  • Corporate Shareholder and Director. (Nominees)

  • Business and Mailing Address.

  • Notarization and Apostille of primary formation documents



We provide counseling on international tax planning, asset protection, banking, and more. Through this counseling you can make sure your international strategy will work.

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