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New Mexico LLC Formation and Bank Account  Starting at $100 + State Fees


0% Tax Rate. A New Mexco LLC is a pass-through entity, so non-US Nationals and Non-Residents can benefit from a 0% income tax rate if the foreigner does not trade within New Mexico and the United States of America

Minimal Maintenance. Minimal yearly fillings, no tax return. Only report the transactions between the Company Owner and the LLC itself. You don't even need to pay franchise or license tax, or file a Statement of Information. After your LLC is formed, you won't have yearly maintenance requirements.

Asset Protection. Perfect to protect all types of assets, from money to real estate


Privacy. You don't report to the State who owns the LLC, and you don't even file a yearly statement of information reporting who owns the LLC.

Access to the financial system. U.S. Companies have a very pretigious reputation, that allows to access a wide range of financial services worldwide, and not trigger any red flag due to country of formation.

My personal favorite. A New Mexico LLC is my personal offshore vehicle because it has the best of all tax havens such as (low maintance), 0% tax, Privacy, access to all types of financial services, and much more


Product Pricing

New Mexico LLC features


  1. No Franchise Tax

  2. No Corporate Income Tax

  3. No Taxes on Corporate Shares

  4. No Inheritance or Gift Tax

  5. No Estate Tax on your Income

State Fees

  1. Articles of Organization: 50 USD


Annual Maintenance 

  • No requirements to file annual report.

  • No accounting requirements


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