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Dubai Offshore Company Formation and Residency Visa

Offshore Affairs provides Offshore Company Formation in Dubai, as well a residency visas in Dubai and Offshore Bank Accounts.

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Offshore Affairs, as an Offshore Law Firm, has plenty of experience opening offshore companies in Dubai, and obtaining Residency Visa for these companies' owners and their employees, with a 100% success rate thus far. 

Dubai Offshore Company Formation

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai for Foreigners. Offshore companies in Dubai are formed in Free Zones, also called Free Trade Zones, and these companies and their owners benefit from:

  • No income tax.

  • No capital gains tax.

  • No Capital Control.

  • Remote opening.

  • Residency is not needed to open and operate the company.

  • No paid up capital in most cases.

Dubai City

Dubai Residency Visa


Having a Dubai Offshore Company allows you obtain a Residency Visaand relocate to Dubai, UAE, and also to move your tax residency there. By being a shareholder of a Dubai Free Zone Company, you can easily obtain a residency visa for yourself and shareholder.


To maintain you Dubai Residency Visa, you must visit Dubai 1 day every year if you apply for a partner visa, or 1 day every 6 months if you apply for an employment visa.​

To learn more about Dubai Residency Visas, and how we can get it for you, please click the button below:

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