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Open an Offshore Bank Account in Panama

BVI Bank Account

Open an Offshore Bank Account in the British Virgin Islands

With many years of experience in opening business bank accounts in BVI and banking relationship, we provide our clients with companies formed in the BVI or in other jurisdictions, all-inclusive bank account opening services, this ensures successful and prompt, handling and organization of the bank account opening process, compliance with the opening requirements.  

This includes, but is not limited to, banking introduction, forms filling, gathering all the required documents, notarization, communication and directing the bank, etc. 

Our banking solution in BVI, a Canadian bank, is one of the most popular and biggest banking option throughout the whole Caribbean region, having our banking option, branches in almost all Caribbean countries and jurisdictions.


Ofshore Business Bank Account in BVI for local and offshore companies

For local and foreign offshore companies

Companies formed in the BVI and companies formed outside of the BVI can open a business bank account through our banking option.

Minimum initial deposit: 

The minimum initial deposit is USD25,000.

Jurisdictions allowed:

Most jurisdictions are allowed.

Other fees

US$500 account opening fee, charged by the bank.

US$50 monthly maintenance fee.

US$20 penalty per month if the balance falls below US$25,000

Remote account opening

You can open a business bank account in BVI without the need to travel. Nonetheless, all documents must be sent via mail within 30 days after bank approval.


The account does not come with a debit card. To get a card, we get a credit card, which is backed by a 110% deposit.

Crypto related transactions not allowed

Like most banks in the Caribbean, this banking option does not allow crypto-related businesses or crypto-related transactions.

Documents required to open an offshore bank account in BVI

Company documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Certificate(s) of Change of Name(s) (if applicable)

  • Certificate of Good Standing (if company is more than 12 months old)

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

  • Register of Directors and Officers

  • Register of Members and Shareholders

  • Nominee Shareholder Agreement (if applicable)


Other supplemental documents are required depending on the entity type, for example if it is a partnership, hedge fund, trusts, etc.

Documents needed from each Ultimate Beneficial owner, director, and authorized signatory.

  • Bank reference letter

  • Professional Reference Letter

  • Proof of address 

  • Two IDs certified, one being the passport, and the second ID can be a driver’s license, residency card, national ID card, etc.

Need more information?

If you would like to get more information about our services, name of the bank in BVI, complete list requirement lists, our pricing, etc., please send us a message via the most convenient contact method for you.

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