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Open an Offshore Bank Account in Panama


Open an Offshore Bank Account in Panama

The Republic of Panama, located in Central America, is very popular because of its financial industry, tax benefits, and more, hence, it is a highly attractive jurisdiction to form an offshore company in, and to open an offshore bank account in. The official language is Spanish, and the local currency is the United States Dollar.

We offer our clients offshore bank account opening in Panama for companies and foreign individuals. Our offshore banking service includes, but is not limited to:

- Introduction to the Bank in Panama.

- Gathering all documents required.

- Notarization of documents.

- Filling out the bank account opening questionnaire and forms.


Ofshore Business Bank Account in Panama for local and offshore companies

Offshore companies are allowed

The company does not need to be incorporated or formed in Panama.

Minimum initial deposit: 

Minimum of US$ 10,000 average monthly balance must be maintained. 

Jurisdictions allowed:

Most jurisdictions are allowed, but if they are from a high risk jurisdictions, account approval must be submitted to a comittee.

Account currency


Remote account opening

The business bank account can be opened remotely, without the need to visit Panama


Debit cards issued under the name of the account signatory. Corporate credit card can also be issued

Offshore Bank Account in Panama for non resident foreigners

We can open offshore bank accounts in Panama for non-residents foreigners:

  • Remote account opening, there is no need to visit Panama.

  • A minimum average balance of USD10,000 is required.

  • Account comes with debit card.

Need more information?

If you would like to get more information about our services, name of the bank in Panama, complete list requirement lists, our pricing, etc., please send us a message via the most convenient contact method for you.

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