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Executive Summary

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Entity type: Business Company (“BC”).

Location: the Caribbean.


Regulation: The BVI Business Companies Act 2004



  • Minimum 1 director required.

  • Director does not have to be resident in the BVI.

  • Director can be a person or a company.

  • Directors’ information is not publicly available.


Officers: Officers can be Non-Residents. Only the Registered Agent has to be in the BVI.


Taxation: BCs are exempt from all types of taxation in the BVI provided they don’t engage in business in the BVI. There is no withholding tax on payments made to Non-Residents or Non-BVI persons.


Capital Control: There are no capital controls in the BVI.


EU Status: not a black nor grey listed jurisdiction.


Accounts, audits and Accounting: the preparation of accounts is not required, nor audit is mandatory, nonetheless the company must keep records to demonstrate its financial position.


Formation time: 24 hours after formation and AML/ATF forms have been submitted correctly.

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Who is a BVI BC for?

A BVI BC can be used for multiple purposes such as tax planning, investment management, privacy, asset protection, and trading.