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Belize Offshore Company

Belize Offshore Company Formation

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Belize is a very popular option in the offshore network as it is relatively cheap to open an maintain an offshore company here. Belize offers the LLC which is a tax exempt company, and the IBC which is taxed between 1.75% and 3% if resident in Belize allowing the company to access the tax treaties subscribed by Belize.

Executive Summary

Belize is a popular jurisdiction to form an LLC as a Holding Company because this jurisdiction is not likely to change its tax or privacy laws.

Even though it has bad reputation when it comes to banking stability, one can use this LLC to open a bank account in a more stable financial center if you need to store large amount of cash.

Additionally, Belizean Companies often form an "agency" company in another jurisdiction which has easier access to the financial system, this to by-pass the limited access belizean companies have to process payments online or receive wire transfers, yet a Belizean LLCs are key components in an offshore structure.

Belize is one of the few "pure tax havens" where you can withdraw the PayPal balance to a local bank account.

It is true that you may face problems sending wire transfers regularly to a Local Bank Account, i.e. taking wire transfers on a regular basis, but this can be solved with the agency structure described above. This difficulty to move money within the international system is because Belize requires very low yearly maintance requirements, plus the 0% tax benefit.

LLC Features

0% Tax Rate

Tax exemptions: income tax, withholding tax, asset tax, gift tax, capital gains tax, estate duty, distributions tax, inheritance tax.

Holding IP.

Holding Intellectual Property: Unlike IBCs, LLCs have no restrictions in regards to holding IP

Minimal Maintenance.

No director nor shareholder filing requirements. No auditor needed


Belize LLCs can redomicile, and foreign LLCs can transfer their domicile to Belize. In either scenario, redomiciliation does not extinguish the company's liabilities and responsibilities prior the change of domicile.

Limited Liability

Limited Liability. A charging order is the only remedy to a creditor, and to the extent so charged, the judgment creditor shall only have the rights of an assignee of the member’s interest and shall have no right to partake in the management of the company.

Belize Offshore Bank Account

We can assist you and open an offshore bank account in Belize for your company formed in Belize or in another jurisdiction.

For companies formed in Belize:

  • Belizean Bank account with a 1,000 minimum deposit

  • Offshore Bank Account in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, America, or Oceania

For non-resident offshore companies:

  • Belizean Bank account with a 1,000 minimum deposit.

Offshore Bank Accounts in Belize
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