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Open a company in Nicaragua 

  • Company in Nicaragua for foreigners.

  • Offshore Company in Nicaragua

  • Corporate Bank Account in Nicaragua.

Offshore Affairs offers company formation in Nicaragua. Our vast experience in company formation in mostly all offshore jurisdiction and financial centers allows us to provide first class company formation in Nicaragua.


As an international offshore law firm, Offshore Affairs has a lot of knowledge in the most complex corporate laws and structures, and international tax laws.


We provide company formations to Nicaraguans, Residents, Tourists, and Foreigners.


Offshore Income: companies are taxed on its Nicaraguan sourced income. Even though corporate tax is not imposed on foreign sourced income, there is still withholding tax and there might be tax implications when either paying yourself or other individuals/companies

Corporate Tax rate: the higher value between 30% on net nicaraguan-sourced income, or 1%-3% of gross income.

Tax incentives and exemptions are granted to companies who invest in certain business activities.

Requirements to open a company in Nicaragua

Company type: Sociedad Anónima (corporation equivalent).

Minimum shareholders: 2 shareholders.

Shareholders nationality: there is no restriction, and shareholders can be non-residents.

Minimum paid-up capital: there is no minimum requirement, but C$50,000 is the usual.

Bearer shares: not allowed.

Legal representative: one local legal representative. It has to be a Nicaraguan national or resident.

No visit required: company can be opened remotely by sending Power of Attorney.

Local address: local address is needed in order to fulfill tax registration, among others.

Procedure to Open a Company in Nicaragua

  1. Appear before a Lawyer.

  2. Request registry before the Companies Public Registry.

  3. Request sealing of the company’s corporate and accounting books, and registry as a merchant before the Companies Public Registry.

  4. Request registry before the town hall.

  5. Request registry before the tax authority (DGI)

Obtaining a Residency Visa

Doing business through a corporation will make the process of obtaining a residency visa easier.

In comparison to other jurisdictions, and its relatively inexpensive and easy to get a residency permit. The applicant must intend to reside in Nicaragua.


Visa under this scheme allows the investor to apply for a Nicaraguan passport after certain years.

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