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How to Open a Business Wise Account for a Wyoming LLC?

Updated: Jun 17

A Wyoming LLC, regardless if it is an LLC owned by a non-resident foreigner (foreign owned US DE Entity), or by several foreigners (Partnership), or by US persons, can open a business Wise account.

In addition, an LLC formed in any State can open a business Wise account, except those businesses formed in Nevada.

Wise Acceptable Use Policy

Before applying, you must check Wise’s Acceptable Use Policy, to avoid describing by mistake and unintentionally your business in a way that would fall under a restricted business activity.

How to open a Business Wise account for a US LLC:

To open a business wise account, start by click the button below:

Then, click on the Register button.

  • If you are new to wise, enter your email address, then select business account, country of registration select United States of America, in 2FA enter your phone number for 2 factor authentication purposes, and set your password.

  • If you already had a personal account, click log in, and then on your account dashboard, click on your name at the top right corner, and finally select Open Business Account from the dropdown.

After that, you will be prompted to enter your business details, as more described in the following section:

What do you need to open a Wise Business Account for a US LLC?

  • Email Address to Sign Up (if you are need to wise)

  • Phone number for 2-step verification (this does not need to be a US number)

  • Your LLC’s Articles of Organization and Certificate of Formation

  • EIN Number

    • If you don’t have an EIN Number yet, you can input 111111111 and update the EIN number once you receive your EIN. Even though you don’t need an EIN to apply for the account, we suggest that you wait until you receive your EIN to make a stronger application and have less chances of being reject.

  • Member(s and Manager(s) full name, country of residence

  • Your Registered Address information.

  • Your business trading address information.

  • Business Website Address or social media links

    • Having a website is not a must. In the event you don’t have a website, you select the “no” option, and it will prompt you to enter a description of your business.

Verify your Identity for a Wise Account:

If when opening the business account, you didn’t previously had a verified Personal Wise Account, Wise will require your to verify your identity, this is done by submitting a passport copy, and proof of address depending on your residency location.

Wise Business Account Features

Multicurrency account with local receiving bank details

This Wise account will be multicurrency, giving you account receiving details in several currencies.

So for example, you will have a USD account in the US hosted in a US Bank (Evolve Bank).

The Euro Account has local receiving details in the European Union, the GBP Account has a local account in UK, New Zealand Dollar gives you local account receiving details in New Zealanda, Singaporean Dollar in Singapore, and so on…

Can a US LLC request a Wise Debit Card?

US businesses can only request a virtual debit card, not a US physical card, and only if they only have one member. Multimember LLCs cannot currently request a debit card.

EIN number (taxpayer identification number)


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