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How to open a Stripe US Account for a Wyoming LLC

Updated: Jan 7

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A Wyoming LLC can surely open a Stripe US account. We have prepared this guide so you feel more confident when applying for a Stripe account.

What is needed to open a US Stripe Account?

In summary, most importantly you would need the following:

  • Your company documents (Articles of Organization / Certificate of Formation.

  • Your EIN number, in the form of Cp 575, Confirmation letter 175C.

    • Foreign-owned LLCs do not need to provide the owner’s SSN or ITIN. With the EIN will suffice

  • Business representative, owner, director details, including passport to verify identity.

  • Website address.

  • Business description, business industry, registered business address, how to fullfil orders, etc.

  • A US bank account.

    • Some virtual accounts provided by Wise, Mercury, and Payoneer can be used and are accepted.

  • A phone number in the USA for customer support.

    • You can create the account using your international phone number, but you must also provide a US phone number for “customer support” to your clients when doing the business account.

Important!! What to do before opening an account?

Not accepted businesses.

Stripe has a list of prohibited and restricted businesses. Please read the list of stripe’s prohibited businesses and what they cover to avoid wrongfully describing your business by mistake in a way that might fall under the scope of a restricted business.

Information to have on your website before applying to the Stripe account.

Stripe is designed for ecommerce, hence on your website your must display or have certain content to make sure you comply with Stripe’s policies, otherwise your account could get closed for overlooking, or by unwillingly ignoring, this requirement.

The minimum information you should have on your website is:

  • Clear description of the products you sell, or services you provide.

  • Currency in which the products or prices are set. So intead of just having $, you should have US$, and having United States Dollars is better than just having US$.

  • The US phone number you use for providing customer service support.

  • Your fullfilment policies like Refund Policy, Delivery Policy, Return Policy, and Cancellation Policy.

  • Website Privacy Policy.

    • Make sure your policy covers data privacy policies like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and others that may apply.

  • Website Terms and Conditions.

  • The logos of the debit / credit cards you accept.

  • Your website should have HTTPS security for the checkout, instead of HTTP.

On the following link, you can find a checklist provided by Stripe of what you should have on your website:

How to get a US phone number for a Stripe Account?

You can get a US phone number via OpenPhone. This number will be accepted by Stripe. Its price per year is US$156 if paid annually.

You can use the following link to open an OpenPhone account, and get a 10% discount on your first three months:

How can we help you?

We at Offshore Affairs provide Wyoming LLC formation services, and give you all the company documents needed to apply for an Stripe Account, including EIN numbers. To learn more about our Wyoming Services, please visit here:

We can also help you draft your site terms and conditions, privacy policy, and more.


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