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How to form a Dubai Offshore Company and Get a Dubai Residency Visa - Full Guide

Getting a Residency Visa in Dubai is much easier than it may seem, but nothing to be surprised of having in mind that most of Dubai residents are foreign nationals.

By forming a Free Zone company in Dubai, which can be considered an offshore company, and then applying for a Visa, will allow you, and even your family member and/or friends, to get a Dubai Residency Visa, get Emirati ID, get a Dubai Bank account, and much more.

Owning a Free Zone company (FZCO) gives you the right to apply for a residency visa for yourself and your relatives and/or employees, with no restrictions. Visa application is quite a straightforward process without nationality discrimination.

One curious feature of getting a Dubai Residency is that there is no need to provide a police record, or bank statement.

So what is the process like? We start by forming a Free Zone Company (FZCO) in a Free Zone in Dubai and get the trading license, after that we request the establishment card, then we fill out the Visa Application form, and e-visa is approved for you to come to Dubai within 60 days and get your medical test andfingerprint and biometrics taken, then finally the UAE visa is issued, along with the emirates ID.

Even though on paper this takes about a month, I would say that you should expect this process to take about 2 months.

With an Investor designation residency visa, you will get the UAE Residency Visa and Emirati ID, and will be required to stay in Dubai 1 day every day to maintain your visa, in addition to other requirements like renewing the FZCO yearly license.

The whole process of forming a tax free Free Zone Company in Dubai and getting the Dubai Visa, including related expenses like the establishment card, investor designation, Medical Fitness Test, biometrics, etc should be less than USD6,000.

To learn more details about this process, you can check the following link


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