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Real Estate Nicaragua

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Our office in Nicaragua has plenty experience in Real Estate Law, including the purchase and acquisition of any type of property, asset protection, estate planning, due diligence, and any type of Real Estate related trial or legal procedure.

Who are we? Offshore Affairs LTD is an offshore law firm duly registered in England and Wales, specialized in Offshore Company Formation, Offshore Bank Accounts, International Tax Planning, Trust Formation, Fund Set Up, Citizenship by Investment Program, etc, what makes us your perfect partner for your legal affairs.

Why Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is a vert popular option among foreigners to acquire any type of real estate property, from an Island in the Caribbean Sea, Luxury beach properties in San Juan del Sur, small islands in Granada, Colonial Style houses in Granada or Leon, a Farm in Matagalpa, etcetera.

The cost of living is low in Nicaragua, and crime rate is very low in comparison to other Central American countries. 

Nicaragua also has an attractive territorial tax system for individuals, being all foreign earned income tax exempt in Nicaragua.

Buy Real Estate Property in Nicaragua as a Foreigner

  • Due Diligence

  • Property Registry

  • Sales and Purchase Deed

  • Estate Planning

  • Real Estate Lawyer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can foreigners own real estate in Nicaragua?

Yes, foreigners can perfectly own real estate property in Nicaragua, but there are certain restrictions in regards to property located along the nicaraguan border.

Can an Offshore Company buy real estate in Nicaragua?

Offshore Companies can acquire real estate in Nicaragua without a problem, but extra requirements need to be completed to comply with the legal formalities.

Real Estate Nicaragua


Due diligence

We make sure the Seller is the real owner of the property, and that the property has no lien nor mortgage, and that the property has no legal barrier for it to be transfered.

We make sure there is no outstanding tax balance in the town hall.

Transfer deed

Real Estate transfers in Nicaragua require a lawyer/notary public to draft a public deed. Our bast experience make sure this deed is well written to it is not rejected by the public registry

Property Division

Property division requires a plan certified by a Certified Topographer. We take care of that too!

Registry Procedure

We take care of the registry procedure before the cadastral office, town hall, tax authority, and public registry of real estate property.

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