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Corporate and International Tax Lawyer in Nicaragua

  • Company Formation in Nicaragua

  • Real Estate Lawyer in Nicaragua

  • Notary Public in Nicaragua

Your advisor speaks:

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Offshore Affairs is an offshore law firm. Our divisions include Offshore Affairs, LLC, formed in Wyoming, USA, and Offshore Affairs, LTD, formed in London, United Kingdom.

Offshore Affairs is dedicated to the opening of offshore companies, offshore bank accounts, trusts, international taxation, tax havens, international treaties, Citizenship by Investment, asset protection, among other things.

We have opened a Nicaraguan division to provide corporate, tax, and real estate services to Nicaraguans, Residents, Tourists and Foreigners.

We have a multilingual team, being our CEO capable of communicating in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese.

Meet the Founder

Jean Franco Fernandez Clark.jpeg

Jean Franco Fernandez Clark, Founder of Offshore Affairs, and its divisions Offshore Affairs, LLC (Wyoming, USA) and Offshore Affairs, LTD (London, UK) is a Nicaraguan Corporate and International Tax Lawyer and Notary Public admitted to practice law by the Supreme of Nicaragua.


Offshore Lawyer specialized in company formation, trusts, asset protection, bank accounts, and most offshore financial centers.

Speaks English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Mandarin Chinese.

Author of 10 books, including "Offshore Affairs: Tax Havens Decoded", "Offshore States of America", "Bitcoin Tax Havens", among others.

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Corporate Law

Our vast knowledge and experience in the most complex international corporate, tax, and real estate law, allowing us to provide our customers first-class and high quality legal services.

Our corporate legal services in Nicaragua include:

  • Company set up in Nicaragua.

  • Corporate and business contract.

  • Legal Counseling

Company Nicaragua.jpg

Real Estate Lawyer in Nicaragua

Real Estate Law is one of our main practice area in Nicaragua. Whether you are buying or selling a house, cabin, an islet or big island, we can surely handle it, and make sure you are legally protected.

  • Real Estate Purchase, due diligence.

  • Real Estate Asset Protection.

  • Real Estate related trials and lawsuits.

  • Rental Agreements.

  • Real Estate Legal Counseling

Real Estate Nicaragua_edited_edited.jpg
Real Estate

Notarial Services


Other Services

We also provide offshore legal services to Nicaraguans. As an offshore law firm, we understand the needs and solutions an offshore law firm may provide to Nicaraguans.

These solutions include offshore companies and bank account to be able to access the offshore market and opportunities opportunities, payment gateways like stripe, or just to protect your assets and put them out of your creditors' reach.

Go to our home page to know more about our offshore legal services.

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